The MRO Big Challenge

The MRO needed more robots and a competition for the "big boys", enter the MRO Big Challenge, were teams compete to build an autonomous robot to go through an obstacle course.

As a separate event taking place within the Malta Robotics Olympiad (MRO), The Big Challenge brings out the best in students with a passion for robotics. This challenge sees teams from various public and private educational establishments competing to build autonomous robots which then tackle a challenging obstacle course in front of the public attending the MRO.

Robots will play an ever greater role in our everyday lives and this high level competition proves that Malta can play a central role in the exciting industries that will develop in this sector.

The Teams


Middlesex University Malta

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Malta College of Arts Science and Technology, Institute of ICT


Savio College

Savio College have a history of prowess in robotics.


Easy Peasy Coding

The only private competitor who did not shy away.

The Challenge

The challenge is to build an autonomous robot (without remote controls or any external control) to manage to go through an obstacle challenge.

The obstacle course is designed to be particularly hard for robots to handle, they have to deal with , gravel, grass, uneven terrain, water, rain simulators and more.

The Course Design